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#VolunteerSpeak: My Lovely Journey with YUVA – Vian Khemka

By December 5, 2023No Comments

In this new blog in the #VolunteerSpeak series, Vian Khemka, an intern who spent 4 months with YUVA describd his lovely journey.

I’m Vian Khemka, a student of IT and Management at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. My four-month stint with Youth for Unity & Voluntary Action (YUVA) working part-time, has been a journey filled with invaluable experiences. Working alongside the dedicated team has not only been enriching but has also opened my eyes to the power of collective efforts in driving positive change. My engagement largely involved providing back end support to the on-field work being done by YUVA and it made me realise the importance of the background framework to be set in place for the team to go into the field and make an impact.

Images: My Initial Days at YUVA’s Urban Resource Centre at YUVA Centre, Kharghar

My Experiences

I had the opportunity to work on multiple projects at once but the constant throughout was the library work. Activities at YUVA’s Urban Resource Centre (URC) at Kharghar involved organising, shelving, and entering data for digitization of books and reports, aiming to enhance accessibility for everyone and ensure readily available knowledge. Simultaneously, collecting migration stories for the @mumbai.migration Instagram page helped document the experiences of people migrating to Mumbai, raising awareness and fostering appreciation for those who left their homes and came to the city, showcasing their myriad journeys.

Images: Organising and Managing Resources at the Urban Resource Centre

Furthermore, I formulated questions for “Bombae Quiz” on Instagram, creatively designing engaging questions to stimulate interest and boost engagement. Another work for the Instagram page (@mumbai.migration) was sourcing reel clips for Instagram, where impactful reels portraying various aspects of Mumbai were curated to spread stories, bring smiles, and improve our online reach. Additionally, designing the Tata Mumbai Marathon invite from YUVA’s side, aimed at enhancing event participation and community involvement.

Images: Glimpses of Social Media Initiatives undertaken during my engagement with YUVA

Reflections and Skill Development

My time at YUVA was a period of significant growth. It provided me with a platform to improve crucial skills like managing deadlines, multitasking efficiently, improving verbal and written communication, and leveraging tools like Google Docs and Google Sheets effectively.

Beyond skill acquisition, my volunteering period was an education in understanding the tangible impact of collective efforts on society. It instilled in me a profound belief in the importance of giving back to the community.

I am deeply thankful to my internship supervisors for their invaluable mentorship and guidance. Their support was instrumental to me in navigating through all the projects.

My experiences at YUVA have left a deep mark on my life journey. Each project contributed not only to the organisation’s goals but also to my personal and professional growth. I leave with valuable lessons learned and cherished memories, being grateful for the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to society through YUVA.

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