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YUVA furthers participatory governance with people’s inclusion in planning and development efforts. We work with individuals and communities and help them develop a stronger voice to demand governance accountability. Advocacy strategies are strengthened with our participation in networks and alliances for social transformation. Evidence-based research findings drive policy change.

Advocacy on SDGs

Over the years, we have engaged with multiple stakeholders (at the regional, national and international level) on knowledge generation related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and built dialogue, especially on SDGs 8 and 11. We are a part of the Working Group of the Wada Na Todo Abhiyan (WNTA), a national platform of civil society organisations focusing on governance accountability to eliminate poverty, discrimination, and social exclusion.

People’s participation in planning and governance

YUVA’s work is focused on driving people’s participation in planning and governance. We have served as the campaign secretariat of the Hamara Shehar Mumbai Abhiyaan (Our City Mumbai Campaign), which drove collective visioning and people’s participation during the revision of the Development Plan of Mumbai (2014-2034). Over 60 organisations participated in the campaign, setting a precedent for inclusive and people-centric planning and negotiating a crucial space for marginalized groups of the city to articulate their needs in the discussion on urban planning.

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Facilitating mohalla sabhas and samitis

YUVA has been facilitating the formation and strengthening of Mohalla Sabhas and Mohalla Samitis across cities, promoting this under the 74th Constitutional Amendment Act process of decentralisation and decision-making at the basti-level, mandated under the Area Sabhas. Mohalla Sabhas help further capacity building in the community, engage people on issues concerning them, and help them take forward their demands for action. Mohalla Samitis have been set up across cities where we work, made richer with the participation of men, women, transgender persons, disabled persons, among others, who used the forum to discuss their local issues and advocacy strategies.

Our rich history of promoting participatory governance

Over the decades, in our work with marginalised people for their dignity, justice and rights, we have focused on people’s capacity building and engagement on participatory governance. Visit our Urban Resource Centre to know more.


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