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YUVA works for the setup of child-friendly communities and cities, with the active participation of children as equal stakeholders. We offer children platforms to express their opinions, organise themselves into collectives, and advocate for their rights. With children in marginalised communities experiencing multiple vulnerabilities, YUVA’s interventions facilitate their holistic development.
This work is spread across Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.


Child-friendly cities

Children growing up in marginalised environments experience cities very differently from those in more secure setups. The deprivations experienced (from lack of basic services to inadequate homes, no spaces for play or privacy, etc) and vulnerabilites faced (abuse, exploitation, etc) adversely affect children’s development and growth. YUVA’s work with children focuses on the setup of child-friendly communities and cities, with children’s support.

Support what we do, to make cities more responsive to the needs of the young. Watch this video on how child leaders are taking forward their demands for action.

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Child rights based policy making

YUVA’s work with children has given us a deep understanding of their needs and challenges. We facilitate children’s access to social protection. We also work with children to consolidate the knowledge generated on their rights and jointly present it to different stakeholders for effective advocacy and action.

YUVA has been a part of major networks, such as the UN Major Group for Children and Youth, Campaign Against Child Labour, and others, to advocate for children’s right to life, participation, protection and development. Our participation in campaigns and networks with an evidence-based approach has helped strengthen strategic inputs for child rights based policy making at the state/national level.

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Scholarships, skilling and workshops

YUVA’s Child Resource Centres in communities offer children a safe space for learning and interaction. They have been important hubs to talk and act on children’s holistic development, and build community perspective and action for better childhoods. At these Centres, we not only conduct educational sessions, but also life skills and interactive, game-based initiatives. Especially in the post-pandemic landscape, with a lot of marginalised children out of schools, Child Resource Centres offer a critical space to bridge education gaps and help children resume learning.

Support our work with children via scholarships and mentorships, and/or actively engage in children’s development via sessions and workshops. Read about a Child Resource Centre initiative.

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Narrative shifts on unequal childhoods

YUVA’s work with children in marginalised communities sensitises people to the devastating impact of unequal childhoods. Join and support our events and campaigns, offering platforms for children to express themselves and participate in their vision of the future. Through a city walk led by child leaders, we offer new perspectives and the scope for honest and creative dialogue on the city. A renewed understanding of how the city shapes its children and what we can do together to address some of the most pressing questions faced by children, can help us co-create better cities of the future.

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