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2017-22 Outreach

Community Outreach Centres
Identity Documents & Social Protection Schemes Facilitated
Collectives Facilitated

₹1.18 Cr

Wages facilitated by the Labour Helpline

Committed to people’s empowerment and systemic change

Through our work, we seek to empower marginalised persons and help them access their rights. We focus on building people’s leadership, and encourage them to form collectives to take forward their demands in their own voices. Grassroots changemaking is complemented by people-led advocacy efforts for change.

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Catchup on our work

We regularly share the impact from our work on our blog. To read more, head to our blog.

Films showcasing our impact

Watch these short films to better understand how we work onground for change with different stakeholders:

How a people’s organisation, Shehar Vikas Manch, has successfully led a movement towards tenure security in Nagpur.

The setting up and the functioning of two credit cooperatives in Nagpur

How a welfare-led model on construction sites benefits all

How children’s social audit of community needs helps them lead advocacy for change

People’s struggles to access water in Ambujwadi, Malad, and insights from their achievements

Homeless people’s struggles for dignity and security, and how to support their rights