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YUVA’s work over decades in urban spaces has exposed us deeply to the struggles and resistance of marginalised people, and why it is critical for everyone to support their rights.

Since 2018, YUVA has organised the ComplexCity festival to usher in this narrative change. The festival brings different sections of society together via creative initiatives like curated walks, competitions, theatre and other initaitives. By curating a safe safe for conversation, questions and creative expressions, ComplexCity helps people reshape a more inclusive narrative of the city. Structured and semi-structured interactions curated by YUVA at the festival, spark curiosity and dialogue on cities—how they are shaped, how people contribute, and a collective visioning to enable sustainable and inclusive urban futures.

The festival aims to invest civil society in city-building processes, and take ahead the knowledge and insights generated from collective engagements to advocate for generative city spaces and progressive urban policies. Backed by the collective power of a vibrant civil society, the festival advocates for a progressive environment that promotes freedom of expression for all. ComplexCity nurtures respect for diversity and fosters inclusivity.

Checkout the ComplexCity website for more!