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#UprootedChildhoods – Priyanka Shivnure

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Mere sapnon ka ghar building mein hoga, jisme bada hall aur bada room hoga (My dream home will be in a building, with a big hall and a big room’, beams Priyanka Shivnure of Belapur, Navi Mumbai, at the thought of a dream home.

Listen to her story in her own words or follow the video transcript below:


My name is Priyanka Pawan Shivnure. I am 14-years-old.

At Home

In the house, I study, play with my friends, rest. I study, but I have difficulty concentrating because it’s so noisy all around.

Accessing Water

We have to bring water from a very far off place that is a 30-minute walk from here. My sister, mother, and father all go to bring water.


We find it very difficult without any toilet at home. We have to walk a long way off for a pay-and-use toilet. With 7 members in the family, it’s quite expensive for us too. The problem is acute at night. I can’t go alone, so I have to take someone with me.

About Safety

I feel very scared when I see a bulldozer in our area. I feel safe in the house, but at night people often take drugs in the area and I feel scared when I hear them. When our settlements are razed, often the police have beaten up people in the area. It scares me.

During Eviction

When our homes are broken down, the water and electricity supply of the area is cut off. It is very difficult to study in these conditions.

An Appeal

I think people shouldn’t come and just break down our houses. The drug abuse in the area also needs to stop. There should be a toilet and running water in everyone’s houses.

An Ideal Home

My dream home would be in a building, with a big room and a big hall, and a dedicated study room.

#UprootedChildhoods is a collaboration between YUVA and Leher, attempting to spark dialogue on a critical yet oft invisibilised concern — the views of children on housing. The campaign draws from YUVA’s in-depth interventions with children over the years across cities, and Leher’s focus and commitment to child rights, with a preventive approach towards child protection. Through the different blogs, photo essays, video stories, infographics and other formats we hope to present many faces of urban childhoods. Stay tuned.

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