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Let’s talk about LGBTIQ

By January 12, 2018December 28th, 2023No Comments
Addressing the audience at the AIESEC Youth Speak Forum 2017

Onstage at AIESEC

Let’s build a unique space for all of us, where we won’t be discriminated on the basis of our gender, our orientation, but respected for our human values. Just because you are straight doesn’t make me crooked.

This is a short excerpt from my speech as one of the chief guests at AIESEC’s Youth Speak Forum 2017 at NMIMS Shirpur, a private university. I shared the stage with Farrhad Acidwalla (one of the world’s youngest entrepreneurs), actor Satyajeet Dubey, wellness guru Vesna Jacob and many other prominent personalities. As one of the world’s largest youth-run organisations, AIESEC has a broad reach, and plays an important role in shaping young minds.

Building Awareness on LGBTIQ issues

I was very excited to put forth my views in front of such a large audience. In my presentation I spoke of my personal story, and my fight for the rights of the LGBTIQ community. I focused on building awareness on issues faced by the LGBTIQ community in India and discussed how YUVA has been working on gender-minority issues, even making efforts to increase its acceptance of gender-minority in workspaces.

At the AIESEC Youth Speak Forum 2017

I discussed how we should go about our daily lives with love and acceptance for each other. By the time I finished my presentation, I could sense that the faculty, students and other chief guests were beginning to better understand the issues and problems faced by the gender minority community in India. I feel that an event like this is just the beginning in helping us set up an inclusive and safe environment for all. No one can take away our individual rights, and I will continue to stand up for the rights of the LGBTIQ community.

Watch a short excerpt of my speech here.

Daniel Mendonca,

Community Organiser, YUVA

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