YUVA Training Center
The YUVA Training Centre is a professional, capacity development, research and resource center committed to social development and transformation. The Centre was set up in 2001 primarily as a space for facilitating collective learning both within and outside the organisation. As collective learning is an integral part of YUVA’s efforts and work in promoting social change, the YUVA Centre is central to the meetings, trainings and workshops that we, our partners, and other NGOs, organise and facilitate.

Reflecting the core values and principles related to human rights and empowerment of marginalised groups that YUVA represents, the Training Centre offers training programmes to address the needs of NGOs, CBOs and citizens. Dubbed as a place for collective learning, the YUVA Centre is well-equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and resources. It also caters to groups that seek to utilize the space for their own training and residential programmes.