Title: Sangharsh
Author: Shilpa Kashelakar
Published: 2011
Language: Marathi
Description: This publication include case studies of single women who fight for their rights and achieve success in their life.
Pages: 54
Contribution: Rs. 25

Title: Sabala
Author: Dr Murlidhar Gode and others
Language: Marathi
Pages: 52
Contribution: Rs. 40

Title: Mahilao Ki Aavaj
Author: Dilip Desai
Published: 2001
Language: Hindi
Pages: 63
Contribution: Rs. 25
Published under Stri Manch

Title: Home of Her Own
Language: English
Description: The publication focuses on single women and Rights to housing. It tries to explore relationship between single women and rights to housing in the context of Mumbai slums where land is a priced commodity. This is also an effort to analyse right to housing from the eyes of single women and the need for change in policies related to single women.
Contribution: Rs. 30
This is a joint publication of YUVA and International Centre for Research on Women

Title: Gender Assault
Author: Lysa John
Language: English / Hindi
Description: The book explores the critical relationship between gender and forced eviction in slum pavement communities of Mumbai. Through the narratives of women, it builds empirical evidence for the conclusion that women are affected in a particular way by virtue of the physical and social implication of their gender, and the violence they experience in evictions is not only physical but also psychological and structural.
Pages: 72
Contribution:Rs. 50

Title: Swayamsidha
Language: Marathi
Description: YUVA has given his contribution to women in Social, Economic and Political Rights. Women come together to discuss problems, increase their knowledge, give chance for them to fight for their Rights. In this book, under the banner of Stri Manch, analysis is done on the different programs in women’s point of view. We want to spread this book in society and to the government, who feel that women can play an important role in the development and without them development can not possible.
Pages: 33
Contribution: Rs. 35

Title: Title: Shalene Dakhavila Marg
Language: Marathi
Pages: 15
Contribution: Rs. 10
Published under the We Can End Violence Against Women campaign