YUVA Urban

Understanding and intervening in issues of urban poverty, environment and governance in the city, state and national levels have been undertaken by YUVA Urban since its beginnings while working with the youth in the worker’s colony of Jogeshwari in North West Mumbai. Almost 27 years after, YUVA Urban continues to focus on engagements with youth, women and children to protect and promote the rights of the urban poor to housing, basic services, education, livelihood, social security, and public participation.

Over the years, YUVA Urban has implemented projects and interventions which ranged from action organisation to creation of alternatives, from training and capacity building to formation of people’s organisations and institutions, and research and policy work to lobbying and advocacy. YUVA Urban’s endeavour to engage holistically on social issues accounts for its broad range of activities that span from action organization in communities to international solidarity action.

While the range of interventions become wider and broader over the years, the focus of YUVA Urban’s programmes remain the same—enable vulnerable groups to access their rights and address human rights violations in the cities. YUVA Urban works to build linkages between the direct experiences of communities and the larger context of the cities, states and countries. YUVA Urban strengthens the capacities of communities to understand and respond effectively to the local development issues, and encourage new formations—such as community action groups and groups of women, youth and children to engage in development.

YUVA Urban has direct operations in Mumbai, Nagpur, Nallasopara and Sangli in Maharashtra. These offices facilitate engagements in state, national and global action through its training, advocacy, research and networking activities. The three key areas of intervention which form the basis of work of YUVA Urban are the following thematic clusters :

1. Economy (Poverty)
2. Habitat
3. Social Transformation

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