Urban Governance and Planning

YUVA aims at participatory governance and inclusion in the realm of urban planning;to ensure that the voice of even the most marginalised is represented in the urban planning process.

The Problems

Facilitation of the democratisation of power and decentralised access to and management of public resources.

The Solution

YUVA  works with stakeholders at different levels. We aid  individuals and communities exercise their rights and gain access to resources. We work with multiple government agencies to ensure smooth functioning of policies and scheme.

Yuva engages  in experiments towards sustainable and people-cantered alternatives, conducts  research aimed at formulating and influencing policy, engages in advocacy and lobbying activities aimed at participatory governance, participates in initiating and building networks and alliances for social transformation, it undertake documentation and strategic information dissemination in the promotion of the right to information, and build grassroots groups.