Over the years, YUVA has published several books and primers on a wide range of topics and issues. Pages over pages of factual information, empirical data, case stories and experiences of women, children and youth have been made available through YUVA Books, YUVA’s publication arm. Focusing on rights and governance systems, YUVA’s publications shed light to the plight of the urban and rural poor, underscore the struggles and successes of minority groups, and provide insight on governance and political structures. These publications from YUVA and/or partner agencies have been useful sources of knowledge and information for people and organizations working in the development sector and for those working with the most vulnerable sections of Indian society.

For easy access and understanding as well as in conjunction with YUVA’s scope of work, the publications are primarily under five categories: Human Rights, Children’s Rights, Women’s Rights, Housing Rights, and Governance.

If you are interested in acquiring any of the publications, please fill out the form or kindly contact us through for more information.