Social Transformation
In intervening in the processes of urbanization on the side of the poor, the focus has always been to ensure the participation of the most vulnerable sections of the community—women, youth and children.

It was with this perspective that the programme for women, youth and children was conceptualized as “work with specific population groups”. Whether they are defined by age (children (ages 10-14 or 14-18), youth) or gender, population groups face certain unique social developmental issues. Intervention strategies for these population groups are holistic and touch almost every aspect of their lives—from housing and health to education and work.

The emphasis, with regard to women and youth is towards the promotion and nurturing of leadership for promotion of human rights. YUVA advocates child-centric approach in all governance processes and engages in sensitisation for the same. The areas of work under the Social Transformation cluster are child rights, youth rights and women’s rights.