Our Approach‌

Our Approach‌

YUVA’s interventions can broadly be categorised into three synergistic approaches.


At the community level YUVA has formulated a 360-degree approach, which uses an integrated development model towards social change, through interventions in housing, education, health, livelihood and governance.

This contributes towards YUVA’s second approach of Policy Research and Advocacy, which involves evidence-based knowledge creation that can direct discussion and dialogue to influence policymaking ensuring that it is inclusive and equitable. Read our Advocacy Reports

YUVA’s third approach stems from a belief in the power of Networks and Collectives, as a key solidarity strategy to overcome the shrinking socio-political spaces for Indian civil society. Through participation in and by providing leadership to several campaigns on inclusive and just cities, YUVA seeks to enhance the impact of our work. Read about our Campaigns

Based on the issue and the situation at hand, YUVA Urban will intervene at different levels, including some or all of the below:

  1. Action Organization: To build organizations of people for direct action
  2. Popular Education: To conduct popular education for building awareness
  3. Action Organization: To build organizations of people for direct action
  4. Training & Conscientization: To undertake conscientization through training process
  5. Access for the fulfillment of basic rights and needs: To provide access for the fulfillment of basic rights and needs
  6. Experiments towards alternatives: To engage in experiments towards sustainable and people-cantered alternatives
  7. Research and Policy: To conduct research aimed at formulating and influencing policy
  8. Advocacy & Lobbying: To engage in advocacy and lobbying activities aimed at participatory governance.
  9. Networks & Alliances: To participate in initiating and building networks and alliances for social transformation
  10. Documentation & Information Dissemination: To undertake documentation and strategic information dissemination in the promotion of the right to information Support & Consultancy: To undertake support and consultancy work aimed at capacity building of people’s and grassroots groups
  11. Solidarity Action: To engage in solidarity action, nationally and internationally to highlight people’s causes