Natural Resource Management and Livelihood

Natural resource has been the lifeline for millions of the population living in rural areas. Despite the boom in the services sector in urban cities, natural resource-based livelihood activities and agriculture remain to be the main economy of India. The same is true in rural regions of Vidharbha.
However, despite the sector’s contribution to national economic growth and food sustainability, subsistence farmers and tribals living in forest areas continue to be economically marginalised. The last decade bore witness to Vidharbha region’s distressing phenomenon of large number of suicides, believed to be caused by distress from their state of poverty, among farmers and rural folk

In response to these issues, YUVA Rural has identified natural resource management and livelihood as one of its key interventions throughout Vidharbha. Interventions were made to ensure that the people working with natural resources are benefitted by national development.

YUVA Rural has been conducting four to three projects and initiatives for its intervention among farmers, tribals and youth: i) Promoting Agro-Produce Marketing and Convergence of Agriculture Interventions for Increase of Family Income of Distressed Farmers Community; ii) Integrated Sustainable Agriculture Programme; iii) and Promoting Tribal Communities.