Information Resource Center
The Information Resource Centre (IRC) is a vital part of YUVA and its commitment towards exploration, collation and dissemination of knowledge in its various forms. The IRC is committed in building perspective, knowledge and skills in various aspects of development work through various resources such as books, training materials, journals, newsletters, publications, and audio-visual services, among others. These resources are accessed by children, students, social activists, development professionals, and YUVA staff.

The IRC is composed of four sub-units and functions


The library has evolved from catering to the needs of volunteers in the development sector and paraprofessionals to that of addressing needs of development professionals belonging to any sector. At present, the library contains about 8220 books in English and 2050 books in Hindi and Marathi.Books are usually used by the students of Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Nirmala Niketan, YMT, Jhunjhunwala College, and residential students in Kharghar, among others. Institutions and organisations such as the Tata Research Centre, Asha Ankur Organisation, Kendriya Vihar Society, and Anubhav Shiksha Kendra, also used the Library facilities as well as YUVA staff and individuals. In 2011-12, a total of 2358 books were used by children through CLC activities and 71 books were used by YUVA staff and others. There were also 27 films and magazines that were used from the Media Library. (Click here for the Publications Archive and Video Archive)

Media Unit

Activities of the IRC in terms of the Media Unit can basically be divided into four: 1) Archival; 2) Production; 3) Training Unit; and 4) Consultancy.

The Media Unit has a vast collection of photo CDs and video materials (in VHS, DV, VCD and DVD formats) from previous programmatic activities, advocacies and productions. Archival and storage of these materials for easy retrieval and use is one of the main activities of the media unit. The media unit has about 425 films on various social issues such as housing rights, environment, gender, child abuse, education, etc.

The media unit is responsible for producing video materials and documenting activities of the different projects of YUVA Central, YUVA Rural and YUVA Urban. In addition, the media unit is also making films and documentaries to raise awareness on issues in connection with YUVA’s five core values of Social Justice, Gender Justice, Environmental Sustainability, Honesty and Integrity, and Secularism and Democracy.

Shows, Screenings and Street Plays
In exploring different forms of media to more efficiently reach a greater number of people, the Media Unit has also been conducting film screenings and street plays. These are done so to further raise awareness in the communities, who are the most that are being affected by the issues being focused upon.

The plight of migrant workers and informal labourers were highlighted in a series of screenings and street plays conducted in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. The plays and screenings conducted in constructions sites resulted to a total outreach of 7300 people.

Street plays on the Mumbai Development Plan (DP) were also conducted together with the Vikas Yatra organised throughout Mumbai. The street plays were performed at Malad-Ambojwadi, Azmi Nagar, Collector Compound, and Jogeshwari-Pratap Nagar. A total of 10 shows were organised, reaching out to 1500 people in Mumbai slums.

Training Unit
YUVA also provides trainings and workshops to build the capacities of population groups, especially the youth, and other organisations on the use of different media to further their campaigns and advocacies.

A “Basic Film Making Workshop” was organised by Youth Right from 21-25 January at the YUVA Centre. The workshop aimed at promoting the youth’s interest in digital photography and encouraging youth hobby as well as developing the participatory process of sharing while promoting value-based social realities.

There were 12 youth from Mankhurd, Ghatkopar, and other communities in Mumbai who have participated in this workshop. They have made a film based on issues of youth and technology and youth and career. Three screenings of the films were done in Mandala, Ekta Nagar, and Sathe Nagar, reaching 350 people. These two films have been uploaded on video sharing channel YouTube, where the YUVA Media unit maintains a user account (yuvamedia).

In addition, the YUVA Media Unit has also collaborated with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) to intensify the campaign on the Right to Education (RTE) bill. The main objective of this campaign was to create awareness among Mumbaikars on the RTE bill, highlight the educational rights for children as provided for by the RTE bill, and increase the enrolment of students in the MCGM schools. Different street play groups, represented by 35-40 artists, in Mumbai were trained on RTE bill and development of scripts on how the issues are to be presented. It was organised at the Mumbai Dadar EOP office on 1-2 November.

Moreover, another collaboration with UNICEF is the series of trainings and workshops for folk media and street play artists. Conducted from 9-25 November in Wardha, Sevagram Ashram, the workshop provided technical support to enhance their skills on street plays and develop scripts on issues around child protection. A total of three workshops participated by 103 male and female folk and street play artists resulted to 15 scripts on child marriage, child labour and addiction, child health, gender discrimination, domestic violence, feticide, child trafficking and child prostitution. A total of 1350 people were reached in Wardha through village performances.

The IRC also provides media consulting services to external organisations in the sector. The services are offered to local and international organisations working on issues of children, youth and women’s rights. The Media Unit conducted trainings and workshops on folk media, theatre/acting, street plays, and digital media.

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