Homeless & Pavement Dwellers

YUVA’s intervention with the homeless and pavement dwellers is conducted in close coordination with various people’s organizations, government delivery systems and networks to improve the access to basic services and inclusion in the welfare schemes. At the primary level it aims at legalizing their identity so that they are able to secure basic entitlements towards an improved lifestyle. And at the secondary level we aim at collectivization to demand for their basic rights as also to increase engagement with various government institutions.

YUVA has also been actively involved in advocating for the inclusion of the homeless in the Mumbai Development Plan. In Mumbai, YUVA is a member of the Homeless Collective that collectively works towards multiple issues of the homeless at a city level.

The Footpathvasi Nagarik Sanghatana (FNS), pavement dwellers collective, was formed in partnership with YUVA to strengthen the capacities of the homeless and pavement dwellers to respond to illegal demolitions and evictions, advocate suitable rehabilitation and resettlement under Mahatma Gandhi Pathkranti Yojana (MGPY), as also to secure basic services for their community.

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