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“All cities are mad: but the madness is gallant. All cities are beautiful, but the beauty is grim.”

Christopher Morley

The Idea

Cities are shaped by multiple realities, multiple narratives, multiple personalities, multiple … the list is endless. We interact with the city daily, negotiating our way through all its complexities. But how often do we pause to reflect on our relationship with the city? How does the city impact us, and what imprint do we leave behind? There’s no single answer to these questions.

YUVA is proud to announce ComplexCity, a week-long celebration of urban values, history, culture, socio-economic realities and much more in March 2018. We extend an open invitation to inhabitants of the city to join us in debating and discussing all things urban, so that we may better understand these shifting spaces and our role in co-creating inclusive and democratic cities. Each programme aims to offer knowledge-sharing platforms and spaces, to help us engage with and appreciate a range of perspectives.

The Time and Place

The ComplexCity calendar showcases details of each event being organised


The People

We invite each one of you in the city to join in the celebrations and participate in events being organised. We have designed a range of events, keeping in mind the differing interests of people across backgrounds and age groups. There’s something for everyone! Come join in, listen to and share your experiences of the city with each other and us.

Keen to know more? Click on the individual tabs below to check what each type of event is about.

The Urban Resource Centre

The Urban Resource Centre (URC) aims to democratise and disseminate grassroots knowledge, both contemporary and historical. It hosts video, photo and text archives that document urban developmental trajectories from the early 1980s. The URC has a bank of content (initially from Bombay), complemented by stories continually generated from our existing engagements. Our video and text resources aim to record the lives and livelihoods of those who are marginalised and directly impacted by developmental agendas. An important goal for us at the Centre is to find ways in which collaborative environments can be set up, so that communities can engage with the knowledge that is created alongside academic and other mainstream discursive forums.

Date: 23 March 2018
Time: 12 noon onwards
Venue: YUVA Centre, Kharghar

The Seminar

The material and immaterial realities of Indian cities are founded on urban conditions that can be general and specific, formal and informal, small and large at the same time. This complexity requires those engaging with the ‘urban’ to understand the conditions that are seemingly chaotic and at some times illogical. Practice in the urban is linked to complex interlinkages between various actors—communities, administrators, planners, policy makers, service users, researchers, academia and diverse stakeholder interests. The seminar will explore their interplay and urban practices through the lens of space, resistance and infrastructure.

Date: 23 March 2018
Time: 11 am onwards
Venue: YUVA Centre, Kharghar

The Film Festival

We are delighted to announce the first edition of Mumbai Matinee, YUVA’s city-wide film festival where we will be showcasing media relating to the world of the urban. Across the ComplexCity week, we will screen films dealing with the themes of housing, gender equality, youth and children in the communities we work in, culminating in a special screening on 27 March 2018 by film students at a central location. Alongside film screenings, panel discussions will take place with eminent personalities. 

Date Time Venue
23 March 2018 6 pm Jai Durgamata Nagar, Belapur CBD
24 March 2018 6 pm Lallubhai Compound, Mankhurd
26 March 2018 6 pm Model House, Ambujwadi, Malad
27 March 2018 11 am Centre for Education and Documentation, Colaba

Cultural Expressions

We are organising a series of cultural expressions across the ComplexCity festival, showcasing unique local urban traditions, music, food, heritage, and so much more. The aim is to expose people to new narratives of the city. Throughout the week, walks will also be organised in different communities, led by local experts who will offer unique perspectives. We will explore the themes ‘From Mills to Malls’ and ‘Forts and Ports of Mumbai’ with new audiences.

Cultural evening

Date: 24 March 2018

Time: 7 pm onwards

Venue: Carter Road Amphitheatre, Bandra

City walks –  Register for walks here

Date Time Meeting Point
23 March 2018 7.30 am onwards Ambujwadi (Malad), Bella Casa Malvani
24 March 2018 7.30 am onwards Mills to Malls, Currey Road Station
26 March 2018 9.30 am onwards Mahim Koliwada, Mahim Fisherman’s Colony Statue
27 March 2018 9.30 am onwards Adivasipada, Bombay Veterinary College, Goregaon

Youth Convention

Youth are a very important part of a city-building engagement. They have the energy and will to drive change-making initiatives, and their conscientisation and rights awareness can help them emerge as well-informed leaders of tomorrow, and positively influence those around them. During ComplexCity, we will share the claiming spaces campaign that has taken place with the youth so far, and discuss the road ahead. We will also showcase some observations from our recently concluded City Caravan, a course on co-creating inclusive cities with youth.

Date: 25 March
Time: 8.30 am onwards
Venue: M-Power Centre, Mankhurd


We are planning a series of competitions during ComplexCity to encourage people’s participation in urban dialogue, developing it as a fun yet enriching experience for all. Details of each competition are mentioned below:

    Date: 26 March
Time: 8.30 am onwards
Venue: Maharashtra Nature Park, Mahim