Economy (Poverty)
In the sphere of economy, the focus is on the legalisation and social security for unorganised sector workers. YUVA Urban defends the rights of the large number of informal sector workers who, despite contributing to India’s economic growth, continue to be undervalued and exploited.

In the course of its work in cities, YUVA has time and again come face-to-face with the harsh realities of the large but unacknowledged mass of unorganised labor prevalent in cities like Mumbai. Although their contribution to the economic prosperity of the city is immense, their stake on its resources and even their right to live as citizens of the city continues to be negated.

YUVA aims to promote the right to work with dignity and social security of the informal workers. The issue of migrant workers is especially taken up by this cluster as the vulnerability of this group is immense.

The cluster also facilitates savings, credit, income generation and skill upgrading processes with the urban informal workers groups. Overall, the work is organized under two domains: informal sector and social security and the migrant resource centre.