Our Culture

YUVA has well-defined procedures and systems for ensuring effective management and implementation of programmes. YUVA has intraunit management system and an overall management system which aims to strengthen and support the core functional areas of YUVA.

Each unit has a management team which has three-pronged functions of programme development, organizational development (strategic planning; monitoring and evaluation; communicat ions), and human resource development (recruitment, training and capacity building, staff appraisal) for the respective unit.

To focus specifically on the Programmes, there are Programme Management Teams which are comprised of Programme and Project Coordinators. The Programme Management Teams discuss, review and develop the agenda of the programme and/or projects. They also review the finances of the programmes and/or projects.

Overall Management System

The Directors’ Forum

The Director’s Forum is the apex management team of YUVA. The CEO of YUVA Collective, Programme Director of YUVA Urban, Executive Director of YUVA Rural, and Systems Director constitute the Director’s Forum. The Director’s Forum functions as the Secretariat of YUVA Board and plays the role of planner for and implementer of the Board’s decisions. The Directors’ Forum is responsible for knowledge sharing between units, convergence between themes and programmes, developing common systems and policies, and making decisions regarding YUVA’s representation in external fora. The Director’s Forum meets prior to the Board meetings and additional meetings are held as and when required.

Other Fora within the organization

Apart from the various management fora, there are other fora within the organization which have been constituted to support the staff and to create a conducive and lively work environment. Information regarding these fora have been given below:

Committee against Sexual Harassment at Work Place

Keeping in view the Supreme Court Judgment and Guidelines issued in 1997 to provide for the effective enforcement of Gender Equality and Guarantee against Sexual Harassment and Abuse, more particularly against sexual harassment at work place, YUVA has constituted a four-member Committee Against Sexual Harassment (CASH) at work place. CASH includes an external legal expert.

Gender Committee

The Gender Committee is mandated to look into ways of sustaining women leadership within YUVA and to mainstream gender in YUVA’s programmes.

YUVA Sahayog

YUVA Sahayog is a system that evolved in YUVA, through which the staff volunteer to part with at least 1% of their respective gross monthly wages as financial assistance to social activists and people’s organizations engaged in development. This system is not an official contribution of YUVA but a collective and personal contribution of personnel in YUVA as financial assistance to activists in crisis situation, people’s organizations in need of support to establish income generating activities, support to people centered development campaigns. YUVA Sahayog is not so much a gesture in charity as much as it is recognition that a token monetary assistance will support an activist or a people’s campaign to contribute to the betterment of society.

Self Help Groups

There are two Self Help Groups comprising of YUVA staff, one in Mumbai and one in Nagpur. The objective of the Self Help Groups is to provide credit to YUVA employees at low rate of interest in case of their need and to encourage savings within YUVA employees. Loans for the purpose of education, health, house purchase and repair, repayment of loan taken at higher rate of interest, and purchase of domestic appliances are given priority. Each Self Help Group has a General Body. The General Body elects the Managing Committee for the Self Help Group.

Chehek Mehak

Chehek Mehak is a forum only for women employees of YUVA. This forum has been constituted so that there is a support system for women employees within the organization. In this forum, female employees of YUVA share the challenges which they face pertaining to work-life balance.

Dinchak Committee

Dinchak Committee organizes picnics, farewells, welcome events for new members, cultural programmes, birthdays etc.

Human Resource

Staff Policy

YUVA has a well-documented staff policy and a manual of procedures. All staff are covered under Mediclaim Insurance Policy and Personal Accident Policy. Maternity and paternity leave is applicable to all staff irrespective of their category.

Performance Appraisal

YUVA follows a bi-annual Performance Appraisal System. Every year in the month of September, the Interim Performance Appraisal is carried out while the annual performance appraisal is done is March. On the basis of performance appraisal, performance letters are issued which indicate strengths, limitations, scope for improvement, and training needs, if any.

Staff Training and Development

YUVA’s emphasis on staff training and development is rooted in YUVA’s belief that people are the most important and valuable assets in any organisation and it is important to preserve and provide for the growth and development of people in the organisation. This, in turn, reflects positively in the work of the organisation externally. During the past year, YUVA has encouraged its staff to attend various academic courses and training programmes.