At this moment, we don’t have any vacancies. You can always send us an open application. We’ll generally keep your data for three months in our HR file.

Please send your CV/Resume to

You can also periodically check the website for updates on vacancies and job listings.


Internships at YUVA is a very good opportunity to experience working with a grassroots level organisation and contribute to the areas YUVA works on. Students and development professionals from around the world are encouraged to apply for internships.

There are two types of Internships that students and development professionals can apply for:

Individual Internship

This internship is designed for students and working professionals (below 35 years old) who are interested in taking up an internship within YUVA’s existing programmes.

Partner Internship

This type of internship is offered by various colleges and universities that has mandatory internship in the curriculum.

For more information on the Internships, you can get in touch at